Friday, January 27, 2006

I missed the last 10 minutes of LOST

My Tivo didn't record the last 10 minutes of LOST.

What happend after that guy admitted starting the fire?


  1. After he admitted it to Jack? (when he was tending his wounds)

    Eko was inspecting the burnt out woods (where he had marked some trees) -- and then Claire asked him about baptizing the baby, but told him she hadn't been baptized.

    So he baptized both of them on the beach and then there was some sort of montage and it ended with pathetic Charlie staring into the fire, sitting alone.

    My trusty VCR got it all, if you want to borrow the tape!

  2. I think I'm the only person in America who has not seen Lost! I am thinking of buying the previous season(s) so I am not so lost.

  3. Sounds like your tivo amd mine were on a date together.....

  4. My tivo hates me. I missed the last twenty minutes!

    Lost rules!

    Cool blog!

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  6. I guess I wasn't the only one who missed the last 10 minutes of LOST this week.

    Thanks Ravi for that report.

  7. Season one?
    I had never watched it before, but caught the last 15 minutes of the last episode. There was a raft with 3 people trying to escape some island. A boat came to the rescue, but the creepy looking man ended up kidnapping a kid from the raft. His father jumped into the sea to get the kid back, but the boat was faster and took the boy away. Then there was a French woman who stole a baby from an unlikely mother, but then the English bloke who obvioulsy fancied the young mother went and brought the baby back. I won't be watching it again. Like your blog, though. Can I add the link to mine?

  8. I think your TiVo hates you- first 24, now LOST?