Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Macworld Report

This is Steve Garfield reporting from Macworld San Francisco.

I'm sitting ont he floor of the media room near an outlet. Nick Douglas, formerly of Blogebrity, now with Gawker Media, just came by to share the open outlet with me.

Then he says, "Your Steve Garfield!"


So this was my first keynote address. I was seven rows from the front. As always Steve JObs did an excellent job.

It's all about making it easier for people to share their content.

Some highlights from me:

- iPhoto greeting cards, photo books nad calendar. Looks really, really nice.

iLife, which is free with new Macs, now includes a program called iWeb which among other things will allow you to easily create a sweet looking blog that also supports podcasts.

Garageband will now let you create podcasts and one bbutton publish them to your blog. The blog, btw, will reside on .Mac.

iMovie also has some nice new features that FCP users might be envious of, like titling... It now has one-click save for iPod. Nnice!

The new iMac is running an Intel Core Duo chip and is really fast, so now might be a good time to look at the iMac.

All the core apps like FCP will run native on teh new iMac in March.

The MAcBook Pro is the new fastest and thinnest laptop ever from Apple being 4-5 times faster than existing laptops.

If you want all the specs on the new announcements, head over to the Apple site.

Lots of people are blogging their thoughts too, check out engadget for discussion on why the new Macboom Pro doesn't support Firewire 800.

Finally, Steve played a new ad announcing the Macs running Intel voiced by Keifer Sutherland.

I hope to have pictures and video later. Internet connection is soooo slow....

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