Friday, January 27, 2006

Pick Kellie Pickler

Another North Carolina ‘Idol’? - American Idol -
"One contender for the long haul will be Kellie Pickler, a 19-year-old skating waitress who was the first of several contestants with sad stories to share. Pickler's mom left her family when she was three, her dad's in prison, and she lives with her grandfather in Albemarle, N.C.

'I have nothing to go home for,' she said sadly, in the video clip that almost always means success. Indeed, Pickler belted out some Kelly Clarkson, got passed through to Hollywood, and immediately broke down in tears.

'That's a nice girl — that's the one I'd like to see win,' Simon actually said."
American Idol is providing me with hours and hours of enjoyable entertainment this season.


  1. Oh me, too! Let me know if you ever wanna meet up for pizza and Idol. Aaron thinks he isn't getting sucked in, but every night when he gets home from rehearsal, I show him highlights. No way he'll be able to resist!

  2. My Damn Tivo thought that a repeat of CSI was more important than the 3 tryout on Tuesday. I missed an hour and a half of it........

    If you have that episode I could really use it....PLEASE.

  3. We loved Kellie Pickler, too. A big voice for a tiny bod. What heart. . .