Friday, February 03, 2006

Colbert on Scientology, Malik on Dabble

A clip from the "This Week in God" back when Stephen Colbert was on The Daily Show.

It's from vSocial. I'm posting it for a number of reasons. One is that there's a lot of discussion this morning about Mary Hodder's new video bookmarking project, Dabble. I hope to see a demo of it soon.

Om Malik writes about Dabble in Dabble Dabble. Om says, "Hodder has put together a nice little service which will allow users to bookmark videos from different video services in one place."

I'm interested in this because of my video blog highlight show, Vlog Soup. Putting that show together is a lot of work, since it requires downloading the source video for each vlog I want to highlight, and then rendering it so that I can edit it in Final Cut Pro.

I like to highlight a clip from each person's video and then allow the viewer to go visit the source vlog for the full video.

I'd like to see more to figure out if this might work for me in some way.

Tom Raftery's PodLeaders has a Mary Hodder Podcast.

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  1. God...or shouls I say Xenu...that is funny!