Sunday, February 12, 2006

Louis CK and Tom Scharpling Podcasts

Jesse Thorn writes in to the Yahoo! podcasters group with news of two new comedy podcasts:
I'm not really one to plug stuff here, but two GREAT new comedy
podcasts just came online, and I wanted to share them with others.

Louis CK
Louis CK has started a video/audio podcast of his comedy. In my opinion (and it's my job to know this kind of stuff), he's the funniest comedian in America right now. He's got an HBO show coming up in May, I believe, but for now, check out the most unique voice in American comedy.

Website: Louis CK Comedy

Louis did it himself, so I'm just glad he's sharing his work with the world). He also used to be head writer for Conan and Chris Rock, btw.

Tom Scharpling
Also, my favorite public radio show is The Best Show on WFMU.

Actually, speaking of Conan, it's his, too. Tom Scharpling is a writer for Monk on the USA network, but his show is his True Love. It's a call-in talk show on Jersey City's legendary freeform station WFMU, but a fair percentage of the calls are New York comics calling in character. The characters develop slowly, over twenty and thirty minute interviews with Tom, and the humor gently spins out of control. It's pretty much the best thing on radio, as far as I'm concerned.

The feed is:
The website is:

Anyway, both of these things will expand your mind. I'm not affiliated with either, although I like both of these people's work enough to have made them guests on my show multiple times. Both are real geniuses.

The Sound of Young America
I'll listen.

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