Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's JerryTime Podcast

Listen to Jerry and Orrin on the BusinessWeek Podcast the Cutting Edge, hosted by Heather Green, It's JerryTime's Duo:
"Cutting edge cartooning on a video blog

Jerry and Orrin Zucker, the duo behind It's JerryTime, talk about their creative and business goals for the new animated video blog. Based on the mundane adventures of Jerry's life, JerryTime has turned into an instant classic, attracting an audience of some 90,000 in just three months. The Zucker brothers describe how they got into video blogging and talk about some of the lessons they've learned"
In the podcast, Orrin mentions how he learned about vlogging two years ago.

He ran a video production business called MoovLab Boston, where I worked for him doing video editing, and set up a videoblog for the company. Here's my MoovLab reel.

That's where I met Ryanne Hodson, Amy Carpenter and Annaliese Rittershaus and taught them video blogging.

Moovlab Boston Final Reel edited by Amy Carpenter.

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