Thursday, February 23, 2006

American Idol Boys Are Bad

While watching American Idol last night I could not believe how BAD the boys were. It's too bad they picked the contestants that would make good TV instead of the best singers.

It's actually laughable and painful to watch, except for Ace Young. He has the X factor. If you still have the show on TiVo, replay back Simon's comment that Ace Young has the X factor. You'll hear Randy laugh/cough right after Simon says that. It's because The X Factor is Simon's talent show. Funny stuff.

Vote for the Worst has picked Bobby Bennett with good reason, Bill Murray's lounge singer is more fun to watch. Bucky Covington needs to comb his hair, you don't watch him and think superstar, you think karaoke.

David Radford is out of time and place. If they brought back the Lawrence Welk show, he might be good on there as a backup singer. I agree with Simon, Gedeon McKinney's smile scares me. Isn't his smile twice as wide as it should be?

Sway needs to sing in his own voice, what is up with singing in falsetto? I don't get it. At all. And what were the judges saying abot how great it was that he went back into his own voice. I must have missed it fast forwardign my TiVo.

Kevin Covais can not even get the words out of his mouth cleanly. Painful.

Patrick Hall reminds me of wallpaper paste, I've already forgotten what he sang.

If Will Marker only has his Bobby Brady looks going for him, he's not long for the comptetition. Too bad he doesn't have Peter Brady's singing voice. ;-)

You know who stood out in addition to Ace Young and Taylor Hicks?

Kellie Pickler. She was pretty prominent, front and center in the audience.

Sadly, the only contestants that I care about watching from here on in are local contestant Ayla Brown, Becky O'Donahue, Kathrine McPhee - my pick, Kellie Pickler - Pick Pickler, and Ace Young.

From the Idol on Fox blogs, Linda Sharp writes, Men: Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Have A Top 24 Without 'Em and points us to the O'Donahue twins, Girls of Maxim Online.

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