Saturday, February 25, 2006

Globe fails to link to Brokeback To The Future

For 'Future,' Emerson students parody until the wee hours - The Boston Globe:
"For those who haven't seen the fake trailer (which can be viewed at and other websites), it goes like this: A bright green screen unfolds with the familiar Motion Picture Association of America trademark."
One again the Boston Globe's online arm fails to link to the main topic of the article online. No link to the YouTube hosted version of Brokeback to the Future. It's the #6 most popular video ever on YouTube.

No links to obvious sites, or either.

What is ironic is that in the paper version of today's Globe they tell you to go to to watch parody trailers online, but that link is not on the article's online page, and when you follow that link, guess what? no Brokeback to the Future.

I'd also like to see a followup article addressing the fair use issue that these video parodies bring up.

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