Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shipment of Wine Bill Passes

The delivery of wine bill that Mitt Romney smartly vetoed, HOUSE, NO. 4498, has been passed by both the House and Senate::
"11/23/05 G Governor returned to the House with veto
11/23/05 H For message, see H4522
11/23/05 H Placed in the Orders of the Day for the next session -HJ 990
02/15/06 H Passed over veto - 124 YEAS to 26 NAYS (See Yea and Nay in Supplement, No. 353) -HJs 1207-1208
02/15/06 S Passed over veto - 26 YEAS to 9 NAYS (see Senate Roll Call, No. 230)"
Can someone please show me how on earth I am supposed to figure out the website to find out who voted Yea and Nay.


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    URL for the House vote:

    (Accessed by going to "House Journals" and entering "00353" (for Supplement #353) into the "Number" field of the House Roll Call Search, 184th session.)

    URL for Senate vote:

    (Accessed by going to "Senate Journals" --> "Legislative Session 2006" --> "February, Wed. 15th")


  2. Thanks for posting those links.

    They further show why goverment information systems need a complete overhaul.

    A PDF file? Please.

    And a journal of the session where you need to scroll down to find the vote.

    It's so 1970.

    I just sent an email to Seantor Barrios thanksing him for voting against this poorly written legislation.

    Thanks again for pointing to the results.