Monday, February 20, 2006

Slot machine Monopoly for Racetrack Owners?

Scott Helman writes in today's Boston Globe, Slot machine backers eye a Mass. win:
"A fervent lobbying campaign by area mayors, supportive lawmakers, and racetrack owners hungry for millions of dollars in new money is fueling an especially strong push to bring thousands of slot machines to Massachusetts, giving the legislation perhaps its best shot to date of winning passage on Beacon Hill."
Why are we basically handing over a slot machine monopoly to racetrack owners?

I'm sure there are a lot of companies that would pay a lot of money to acquire a slot machine monopoly in Massachusetts.

Send a letter to every casino operator in Las Vegas and allow them to make bids on a casino licence for the Hynes Convention Center, or the old Filenes.

If we're going to let gambling into Massachusetts, let's do it right, and in an open method and not just hand everything over to racetrack owners.

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