Saturday, February 25, 2006

Let me tell you why I like WBOS

I just posted this to the Boston Radio Info message board thread entitled, WBOS Vs. WROR, Is there Really a difference?:
"Let me tell you why I like WBOS.

In the morning, while reading the paper and having breakfast, I enjoy having the music in the background, without all the DJ talk.

I could listen to my iPod, but BOS gives me a lot of, 'oh yeah moments', where they play songs that I don't have on my iPod, but enjoy hearing.

BOS has Charles Laquidara. I think Charles is the best DJ in Boston right now. Maybe it's because I was always a big fan, but I also think it has to do with BOS allowing him to select the music. "
There's more over there...

Yay Charles.

WBOS Online.

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