Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cro-magnons can video podcast

Check out the article on vlogging I co-wrote with David Tames.

It's at at NEFilm, Media Revolution: Podcasting (Part 2):
"In the beginning there was the blog

Web video has been with us since the first cro-magnons figured out how to put video on a web page. Those videos were on static pages and hard to find. The recent popularity of video on the web has come about because of the synergy between blogs, video hosting services (e.g. and YouTube), portable media devices that play video, and high speed internet connections in the home. Now each video has a permanent address that others can reference and a distribution method that makes the videos easy to acquire by a large percentage of internet users. With video as portable and personal as music has been, things are set to take off."
Cro-magnons making videoblogs.

That's funny stuff.

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