Thursday, February 09, 2006

Directions to Logan: A is Not B

MASSPORT: Logan Airport: Getting to and from Logan: Directions to Logan:
"From I-93 South, using the Callahan Tunnel, or Route 1A:

* Stay to the left for Lower Roadway (arrivals and parking)
* Stay in the middle lane for Upper Roadway (departures)
* Use the far right lane for access to Harborside Drive (Harborside Hyatt, Rental Cars, Logan Office Center and Post Office)."
I've been heading over to Logan airport a lot recently. As you all know, the signs are confusing.

I've figured out why, when trying to get to Terminal B, I sometimes end up at Terminal A.

As you enter the main roadway from the left, you'll see signs for both Terminal A and B. The viewing angle leads you to believe that you need to get over into the right hand lane to get to both terminals A and B. ( see diagram )

In fact, you need to stay in the middle lane for B. Don't worry though, they have an exit from A which leads you to B.

Remember the old merge to get on Storrow Drive when coming off the Tobin bridge? You used to have to cut across three lanes of I-93 S highway traffic to get over to the Storrow Drive exit. That used to be the most dangerous intersection in America.

If you are entering the airport from Boston and want to get to Terminal A, you've got to cut across 2-3 lanes of traffic. It's dangerous. I hope it's just a temporary entrance.


  1. Steve,

    That drawing looks like a conspiracy theorist's overview of the events at Dealy Plaza in November '63.