Sunday, February 12, 2006

Locals Celebs!

Locals Celebs! by abbyladybug, uploaded from flickr.

Abby snapped this shot after we had seen Lion in Winter at the Footlight Club. Aaron was great!

Check out today's Boston Globe article by Glen Yoder, Road Show. The sub head of the article calls Ravi and Sonia, "The Regis and Kelly of Boston."

Carol and I are in there too, along with Tony Kahn and George Fifield.

Here's a link to my Video Blog, since the Globe neglected to post a link online.

Also, both in the paper and online, the Globe links to what they call the current episode this way:
Video LINK: Check out Sonia and Ravi's latest Vlog entry
That's wrong.

In addition to being LAST WEEK's episode, the Globe links directly to the QuickTime movie file and not to the blog post. By doing it this way, they are bypassing some of the main benefits of putting this video in a blog. Readers won't see the text of the blog post, won't see the links provided in the post for more information, and won't have any place to comment and have a conversation with Ravi!

Here's the actual link to Episode 15 of DriveTime.

Here's a link to the current show, Episode 16 of DriveTime.

Maybe if I write in they'll fix it.

Update 2/13/06:
Glenn Yoder emailed me to say that the Globe fixed the link.

I just checked, and it now goes to the permalink of the most recent episode.

Thanks for the follow up Glenn!


  1. Thanks Steve for correctly pointing out the proper permalink!

    I've added a link to this post from my own post. And now people can compare our digital snaps of the paper! ;-)

  2. Thanks for fixing the link, you guys! We need all the pub we can get for the big show.

    What a great article. I didn't realize it was on the cover. While snowed in at the airport this morning I went looking for a Boston Globe but they don't seem to sell any on the ticketing side of security. How weird is that? Maybe I'll have to trudge up to the corner store or something.