Sunday, February 05, 2006

A place to discuss videoblogging

Announcing The FeeVlog Forum, a place to discuss videoblogging.

For Boston Media Makers, it's a place to decide on topics and discussions leaders for future meetings. We're having one BIG meetign on the first Sunday of each month.

The others Sundays are self-organizing meetings that happen if (2) or more people decide on attending and plan an agenda.

For videobloggers, The FeeVlog Forum is a place to discuss videoblogging including, Hosting Providers, Hosted Solutions, Blog Software, Video Editing Software, Compression Software, Free Solutions.


  1. Videoblogging is more fun, but I find it gets less views. There's something about reading people like better.

  2. It's an alternative to tells you how to make a free vlog with Blogger and ourmedia.

    After went up, some people asked about alternatives. Since I had been compiling a list of all kinds of hosting and blogging solutions, I made as a reference for people.