Thursday, February 22, 2007

Audio of How To Video Blog

Check out this podcast of me teaching videoblogging at a recent Boston Social Media Club event.

Tech PR Gems: Audio from February's Boston SMC event on video.

The first part gets cut off when the desktop microphone thinks I stopped talking. They used Hipcast and when it thought we were done recording it asks, "Do you want to save or re-record?"

I joked that I wanted to re-record the initial five minutes I had already done. Ha ha.

So they started up the recording again.

"Steve Garfield continues his excellent tutorial on video blogging."

We rejoin the presentation where I am talking about Momentshowing!!!


  1. Time for me to invest in a decent mic for these events... :-)

  2. These little tutorials are really helping me figure out my vblogging ideas and getting them focused. Thanks Steve.