Sunday, February 11, 2007

Barack Obama on flickr

DSC_0047.JPG - Originally uploaded on flickr by Barack Obama.

Hi Sen. Obama,
I know you are pretty busy, but I asked you to be my contact on flickr yesterday morning and you still haven't approved my request.

You are also using a lame default image as you picture on flickr, try uploading something more fun!

And finally, you have your photos © All rights reserved. Please change that to a Creative Commons license so we can post them to our blogs without having to ask permission. For this one, I'm thinking that you probably want us to share.

PS. I cross posted this over on my blog at and the IMG tags are not being evaluated correctly, so pictures aren't showing up.

PPS. Does my URL at have to be, can't it be something like


  1. someone honored your request for a new avatar image, and got rid of the plain grey default face with a good picture of BO.

    I didn't check and see if they'd changed all rights reserved to creative commons though.

    my guess is that he's not the real owner of the flickr stream... someone on his staff must be the master of the stream. Like all the myspace accounts for bands i like are run by other fans, not REALLY the bands themselves, most of the time. Sometimes done with the band's guidance and blessing, sometimes just a trainwreck of someone trying to get as much info out as possible.

    it's a good photostream though, and i had no idea he was riding flickr.

    thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Depends on what you mean by "real owner". It's an official stream, approved by Obama, and managed by someone on the staff, so in that sense your guess is pretty much correct. I'd be absolutely shocked (and suitably impressed) if anyone but a staff member managed a candidate's Flickr stream. As it is, I'm just glad they got one together...

    And yeah, not only was the Flickr avatar added, but the Creative Commons license was also changed. I have it on good authority that your requests were heard loud and clear, Steve.

    As for the user-specific sub-domains, that's obviously a slightly tougher and more time-consuming task to tackle. You never know, though...