Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sound the alarm: Sucks

In this story about the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Bomb Scare in Boston, Sound the alarm, writer J.M. Berger writes about the many parody videos on YouTube:
"One of the slickest -- and funniest -- entries is a parody of the Fox Network's terrorism thriller '24.' Clips from this season's jarring weapon-of-mass-destruction storyline were digitally edited to replace suitcase nukes with the Mooninite LED signs that prompted Boston's day of not-quite-terror.

The video, created by the National Lampoon, climaxes with action hero Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland) torturing cartoon characters in an unsuccessful effort to avert nuclear catastrophe."
There's NO LINK TO this YouTube Video!

There are links to two other videos mentioned in the article. Why not this one? No link to the Zebro video either.

How many times do I have to blog about it, write to the editor, write to the article author, to get the Boston Globe to link to websites when they are the main topic of the story?


Here's a link to the video on YouTube for those who are interested in seeing it, 24: Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

And here it is embedded on the page.

Right here on the blog.

They've been able to do that for a while now.

Here's the Zebro video too:

YouTube - Zebro on Boston's Aqua Teen Bomb Scare.

Stupid Globe.

I wrote them an email, let's see if I get a response. If they end up leaving a comment on this blog, I'll fall of my chair. And post a video of me doing it.


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    My favorite example of this came a couple of weeks ago, when there was an article (which I've been unable to find today) about editorial cartoons mocking Boston's reaction to the mooninite invasion. It described, in words, various cartoons from various papers.

    It might have been a little more effective to link to some of those cartoons...

    But in the spirit of the (lunar) new year, I'm trying to be positive about the Globe this morning.

  2. I tackled this yesterday. The Globe used to be called the nations best lousy newspaper or the worst good one.

    I've been away for 15 years and yikes, it doesn't even rise to it's former standards of crappiness.

    It's all aditorial all the time.

  3. And not only that from a search engine optimization standpoint it would be beneficial for not only YouTube (like it needs more links to it) but to do the linking.

    I've tried many times to get a or to add a link to the home page of a few of my clients that have been featured in stories. It is pulling teeth to get these done. Unfortunately it's a major ranking fractor for search engines.

  4. J.M. Berger writes in with a link to his blog entry about the missing links:

    "My latest story for the Globe, covering Web reactions to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force story, is here.

    Unfortunately, for some reason, all links are missing. I've alerted to this issue, but in the meantime, here they are:"

    I'll be interested to see why the Globe did not put all the links online.