Sunday, February 18, 2007

Everything in between

Joho the Blog: A day at NPR.
NPR is a product of member stations, but as audio content gets "miscellanized" and available to anyone at any time, member stations are at risk of becoming just another play list — to shorter term hurdles such as the assumption that the growth of listener-created-content means lowering NPR's standards.

To the standards point, I tried to respond that this isn't a matter of posting listener's content as if we're all now as good at telling stories as NPR reporters are. Rather: (a) There are lots of ways that listeners can and will contribute, beyond posting their own NPR-ish reports; (b) Metadata saves the day. We humans are good at sensing the metadata that tells us that this is a comment someone dashed off, that is an audio piece NPR's staff has picked out as meeting its professional standards, and everything in between.

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