Sunday, February 18, 2007

Things Are Not Working

Hello friends,

If anyone can help me fix any of these outstanding problems I'm having, I'd appreciate it.


Blog This! makes my title a link, in the new blogger, so I have to edit and repost to make the link go away. [ New Blogger Issue? ]

flickr blog posting no longer posts the body text that I enter over in flickr, when I choose post to my blog using the new blogger. [ New Blogger Issue? ]

Internet printing to my laser printer doesn't work anymore.

My MacBook Pro is running out of disk space. [ FCP Sometimes Puts Render Files Here ] is having a problem creating Technorati tags when posting to a Wordpress hosted blog. [ is researching ]

QuickTime can't export files to an external USB hard drive. [ Need New Firewire Drive. Seagate vs. LaCie? ]

Skype cuts off calls with Zadi and Steve in LA. [ Possibly my Concast Cable Modem needs and update, or is there a configuration issue? ]

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