Monday, February 12, 2007

Imogen Heap Unplugged

Imogen Heap Performs 'I Megaphone'
"On Tuesday 13th Feb and Thursday 15th Feb Imogen will perform 2 very special shows - one on each coast of the USA. The shows in LA and NYC will be very special piano-only performances, during which Imogen will exclusively play songs from her recently re-released 1998 debut album 'I Megaphone'. There will be no 'Speak For Yourself' tracks, and non of the usual 'gadets', just Immi and her piano, playing songs she hasn't performed for a very long time, and is unlikely to perform again for a long time!

There will be 2 performances each evening, at 'The Silent Movie Theatre' in Los Angeles (8pm & 10pm) and 'The Box' in New York (6pm & 9pm)."
I saw Imogen perform songs from I Megaphone on one of her first US tours. It was an amazing performance. After seeing her recently at the Avalon in Boston, I remembered back to that early live show and wished she'd do a show like that again. Well she is, but it's not in Boston.

So if you are in either LA or NYC I suggest that you immediately go buy tickets for this before they are sold out.

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