Saturday, February 17, 2007

Beyond Broadcast Dinner Sign-Up

Sign-ups are now open for the Beyond Broadcast 2007 Birds of a Feather Dinners on the Beyond Broadcast Wiki.

This is mine:
A New Look At Content: Capturing and sharing fleeting moments, a video production studio in your pocket, broadcasting from the street.

Let's talk about how new portable media making devices can
put broadcasting power in the hands of everyone. Cellphones that
include high quality video capture, editing and distribution will
enable lots of people to share their stories. This will change
Beyond Broadcast 2007, , Feb 24 2007, Cambridge MA.
For 50 years broadcast media have played a powerful role in shaping political culture and mediating citizen engagement in the democratic process. Now a participatory culture is putting the tools of media creation and critique in the hands of citizens themselves. We invite you to MIT—to explore the means, the message, and the meaning of the post-midterm, pre-presidential YouTube moment.


  1. I'm thinking about going to Beyond Broadcast because I want to meet Henry Jenkins. I should video blog you video blogging.

  2. just signed up. Irish pubs are a good thing.