Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Looking for a Podcast player

Dave Winer is looking for a Podcast player.
I'm still thinking about the ideal podcast player.

The features that matter most to me are:

1. Self-contained, untethered synchronization, much the same way a Blackberry gets email.

2. Read-write, two-way, should be able to record and connect with a publishing system for automatic upload and feed production.

3. Must be a platform, that is, people other than the manufacturer can add apps.

That's it, those are the three main features that PPs need and don't today have, imho.
I left him a comment:
This video was recorded on a Nokia N95 and uploaded via WiFi to VOX via the embedded VOX uploader.

Here I am watching YouTube and Rocketboom on my Nokia N95 after subscribing to their feeds using the Nokia Video Centre application

Disclaimer: Nokia sent me the N95 to try out and there's a lot here that meets your requirements.
Maybe I can show it to him on Thursday when he's in Boston.

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