Saturday, February 17, 2007

Twitter: It's Alive!

Steve Woolf writes, Reasons to Love Twitter:
As a Twitterer from way back in the day (offline translation: 6 weeks ago), it's been fascinating to watch this service ebb and flow. Or, at least, ebb and flow with the people who I'm friends with on the service.
I resisted Twitter for a while.

Chris Brogan was on it, and wanted me to join, so one day I sent him an SMS telling him I was at the train station.

I didn't get it.

Then I joined.

Added friends, yet again, on yet another social network.

But this time it was different.

Although I had thought that it would be silly to post about what I was doing every minute of the day, I found that I could send out a question to my friends and get a quick answer.

There is a living and breathing community here. It's not static. It's alive!

I asked Casey to join. She hasn't yet.

I told her, "Resistance is futile."

I thought that was funny.

I hope she joins soon.


  1. Glad to have you on board the Borg ship, Steve. You're the kind of service Twitter was BUILT for. : )

  2. Can't... resist... Must.... join....

  3. I won't use Twitter for personal stuff, the trivial is not that important. Maybe if it's used to push things to a sidebar. Or used in a vertical industry. Maybe Marc Canter can make a vertical Twitter engine so I can build my own TwitterSpace. And also, I want to write more than 140 characters.

    The aggregate of people's stuff on the home page is hilarious. It's a River-of-Cheese-Sandwiching. I love you guys, but don't care that much about Every Single Moment Of Your Day.

    What I DO LOVE about Twitter, is using it for a fake blog, using it for ARG stuff, and a variety of creative exercises where I need to be limited and restricted. Helps sharpen the creative flow.

  4. Eric,
    You can write more than 140 characters, just not on the web interface. Here's a message I got when sending in a message to Twitter over IM:

    "Oops! Your update was over 140 characters. We sent the short version to your friends. They may view the entire update on the web."

  5. Eric Rice is talking about this some more on his blog.

    I replied:

    "I think I saw BBC news headlines on Twitter, but instead of reading EVERYONE’S ramblings, I’m reading my friends ramblings, along with a few other people who are my Twitter friends. Now I’m reading a ‘River of Twitter News.’ Just getting it all.

    It is truly like the Borg. It’s a hive mind. You can hear everyone’s thoughts who have joined the collective. But, if those hoards to talk about join Twitter, it won’t render it useless, because my friends are in our own little private network of cubes.

    As I use Twitter, my mind is wrapping itself around the significance of it.

    Bre got an apartment in NYC. Andy and Casey just joined. Resistance is futile."