Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Do Elders Think About John McCain's Age?

The Time Goes By Interview - Alex Bennett:
"Ronni Bennett: John McCain is being attacked more frequently lately as being too old - 72 at inauguration if he is elected - to be president. What do you think?

Alex Bennett: Well, death or incapacity could be more of a reality at his age as it is for the rest of us, so who he chooses as his VP is crucial. Obama will no doubt use his age as a negative."

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  1. I happen to disagree with Alex about the age of McCain's vice president being an issue. As past assassinations and the tragedies of life prove to us every day, not one of us at any age has a guarantee for a tomorrow. I'd prefer McCain choose the best person for the job of vice president regardless of age.

    Thanks for the link, Steve.