Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to add a Facebook LIKE button to an OLD Blogger page

If you're like me and have hung on the the original Blogger instead of upgrading to the new template system, you'll need to get into the HTML code to add a new facebook LIKE Button to your blog.

Here's how.

5 Steps to adding a Facebook LIKE button to an OLD Blogger page

1. Go to the the facebook DEVELOPERS Like Button page.

2. Fill in the fields:

For URL to Like enter REPLACETHIS for now. You replace that with this <$BlogItemPermalinkURL$> in the next step.

3. Click Get Code.

You'll get this code to copy:

4. Copy that and paste it into your Blogger HTML template.

Then replace REPLACETHIS with <$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>


You're done!

LIKE this post to try it. :-)

Further testing seems to indicate that something is wrong with this implementation. It's inconsistent. Sometimes 'like' works and sometimes it works on the second try.

I can't get like to stick on this post, can you?

Any help would be appreciated.

Update II:
Seems to be working now. Must have been something on the facebook hosting side. Let me know if you implement this on your site and I'll come try it out.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the info. The permanent link works, but the blog post title wont appear on FB status, it's instead blog title. Any idea how to solve?

    Thanks again

  2. All I have in there is this "$BlogItemPermalinkURL$"