Friday, April 09, 2010

The Most Fun You Could Ever Have on an Airplane: Virgin America

You got into LA from Boston. I had a direct flight on Virgin America. I love it.

First of all, Gate 38 at Logan Airport is the best gate. You've got your own TSA screening, so the lines are always short.

The fun starts when you arrive at your gate. The gate announcements today associated the group letters on our boarding passes and we got a little song when the letters were announced.

D was Donna Summer...

Next up when I handed in my boarding pass, the gate agent was very impressed with how I trimmed my boarding pass.

I had fun consuming tons of multimedia on the flight using gogo WiFi and my iPad. Also watched some Direct TV, listended to some music on the inflight system (great tunes)

Virgin America Multimedia on the Air

Virgin America: Lady Gaga, WSJ on iPad, and Sandra Bullock

I was tweeting with the world from 35,000 feet.

The flight attendants told us their names were Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon and Coco (American Idol Season 7 contestant who made it to LA).

I told them I was involved in putting video on the web and then we decided to do a show.

We recorded this:

The Chocolate Show from 35,000 Feet on Virgin America

Then we recorded another which I'll put up later...

I love flying Virgin America. It's a lot fun and the crew has a great time as do the passengers.

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