Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vamped Out: A Funny Web Series You Should Watch

Last night I attended the LA premiere of a Kevin Pollak's new bablegum web series, Vamped Out at Cinespace in LA. Thanks to Tim Street.

Babblegum Premiere with Kevin Pollack at Cinespace LA

That's Jason Antoon, Amber J Lawson and Kevin Pollak.

I'm in LA for The Streamy Awards. I'm a member of the academy and will also be doing some blogging for Kodak on the red carpet.

I'll get to the Vamped Out premiere in a bit, bit first I want to tell you about the after party that was held at Capitol City Sports Grille. It was nothing like the events that I usually go to in Boston, New York or San Francisco.

It was so Hollywood.

Unclaimed star on sidewalk outside Cinesapce

Lots of people from the film and TV industry including actors, producers and agents were there including Matthew Perry, Ileana Douglas and George Ruiz.

Dina Kaplan was there representing Always a pleasure to see Dina!

Sample conversation:
Me: Hi. How are you involved in the web video space?

Guy sitting next to me: I run all interactive video for "insert major TV network here"
That's why people are in LA, at after parties like this.


We had a lot to talk about since one of the areas I'm focusing on these days is how film, tv and internet will manange interactions with the people formally known as the audience.

I'll be moderating a panel on Real Time Interaction with Television at Jeff Pulver's 140 conference in New York on April 20 and 21.

I also spoke with someone who's working on a web series. The discussion turned to how I was one of the first videobloggers back in 2004.

She asked, "So what series did you work on?"

That was funny to me. I told her that back then there were no series, it was just people sharing moments of their lives. Then I talked about how we got together in person and how great it was.

She said she felt a similar thing being at this event where she could interact with other web series producers.


So back to the premiere.

I've never seen a web series have a premiere.

Usually I see some twitter messages, blog posts and Facebook event invites, but never a premiere at a space where you can see the video up on a big screen with good sound.

@KevinPollack at Babblegum Premiere
Kevin Pollak in the Press Area

Kevin Pollak told us about the series including some information about the cinematographer and editor Academy Award winner Robert Legato, who did visual effects for Titanic and Harry Potter. Kevin was talking to him on the phone one day and Robert asked if he could help out in any way. Robert ended up volunteering to shoot and edit the series.

Then we saw all six episodes of Vamped Out. Very funny.

Here's a screen shot of Samm Levine who does a great job playing the boss:

Vamped Out - Still Shot
Samm Levine's character Billy Goldborg in his office

You might remember him from Freaks and Geeks. He was also in Inglorious Basterds.

It was a fun night.

Follow Vamped Out, @kevinpollak and @jasonantoon and on Twitter.

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