Monday, April 05, 2010

The iPad is Lisa!

Steve Garfield's Video Blog on iPad

So far, after less than 48 hours with the Apple iPad, I think it's going to change things like the Apple Lisa did for PC computing.

Check this, The History of the Graphical User Interface or GUI - The Apple Lisa:
The Lisa was the first personal computer to use a GUI. Other innovative features for the personal market included a drop-down menu bar, windows, multiple tasking, a hierarchal file system, the ability to copy and paste, icons, folders and a mouse. It cost Apple $50 million to develop the Lisa and $100 million to write the software, and only 10,000 units were ever sold.
The iPad gives us a whole new way of thinking about user interface in a tablet computer.

The App Store and iBook Store make adding new applications and books seamless. I've downloaded a number of free apps and books and can see how easy it will be to start buying paid applications and media.

iPad Home

The publishing companies that have come out with iPad ready aplications are smart. I'm enjoying USA Today, Yahoo! Entertainment, The New York Times Editor's Choice.

iPad Applications

It's my first time using Tweetdeck. I'd like a better twitter iPad application.

I had some trouble syncing my applications at first. They all were deleted from the iPad, but saved on my Mac. The iTunes interface is somewhat problematic where it lists both iPhone and iPad apps together, so I had to pick and choose which applications I wanted to reload.

I'm becomming selective on which applications I load onto my iPad, choosing only iPad ready apps.

These iPad apps that take advantage of the iPad User Interface make the iPhone apps seem small and cramped. I've also got a new, "Oh man I have to use a mouse," feeling.

The iPad requires yet another power adapter and docking unit, a 10 Watt version.

For times when I'm out, and there's no WiFi available, I'm exploring ways to use my existing AT&T SIM with a data plan, on a MiFi-like device, or in my Nokia N95 phone that can turn into a WiFi hot spot.

Obviously, I won't be using the iPad to shoot video or photos, but when the USB connector comes out, I might be using it to upload. No live streaming from it either.

It's going to take us a few weeks to get a handle on the iPad and it's ramifications...

I know one thing, it's easy to carry around the house.

Goodbye Boston Globe Paper Subscription

Apple Sells 300,000 iPads on First Day:
...compared with a cellphone or a conventional computer, the iPad seems to be a device that users will want but not need.

iPad: The Logic Exits Your Left Earhole:
The key to the "iPad hook" I've decided, is you have to already have and be comfortable with an iPhone. If you have an iPhone and you touch an iPad you will experience a mindless rush of hindbrain-generated device-lust within moments. You will feel this rush even if you are a sceptic and have read in detail about the well-documented "shortcomings". It's like the iPhone was just some kind of precursor preparation "pod" aimed at preparing it's users to be "body-snatched" by an eventual iPad-like device...

The thing is it's NOT a technology product that logically solves an unsolved problem. It's an experience. It's totally illogical, but it's true.

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