Friday, April 30, 2010

Verizon: Changing my Rate Plan. Confusing.


I just changed my Verizon home phone plan to the cheapest that I could find online:

Local: Measured Rate $12.70 + Long Distance: e-Values $5.50 + Regional: Sensible Minute $2.99.

I had a live chat with the Verizon rep and asked why I needed to choose long distance.

They said I had to order it online, but I could cancel it later.
Once you place the order online now, you will receive an email confirmation of your order within 24 hours with all the details of your order. In the email, you will receive a Dedicated Customer Service number, on which you can call to cancel your long distance feature.

Then I tweeted out what I ordered and @LHRodriguez: told me this:
@stevegarfield Watch out for that measured rate plan. They charge an additional fee if you do not use enough minutes.
I don't see THAT in the plan details:
Measured Rate
Make calls within your local calling area for a low monthly rate. In addition, each call is billed at the rate of $.01 per call and $.016 per minute. The per-minute rate in western Massachusetts is $.016 for peak periods and $.008 for off-peak periods.
My questions:

1. Why does Verizon require me to order a long distance plan online, and they make me cancel it some other way?

Answer: OPEN

2. Are there hidden costs in not using enough minutes on the Measured Rate plan? I heard that some people are charge a "shortfall" charge. Approx: $6. That won't apply to me?

Answer: There won't be any hidden charges. Be rest assured. You will get complete information of your charges in your order confirmation email which you will receive within next 24 hours.

3. Are 800 number calls totally free? Or do they use up minutes on any plan?

Answer: 800 calls will be free.

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