Friday, April 02, 2010

Three Kinds of Light For Video

Here's a test I shot with my Kodak Zi8. I took three videos under different lighting conditions.

1. Light From a Window
2. Light From Overhead Incandescent
3. Light From LightPanel LED

When you look at them side by side you can really see a difference.

Light From a Window

Light from Window, originally uploaded by stevegarfield. CC BY-NC-SA

Light From Overhead Incandescent
Light From Overhead Incandescent

Light From LightPanel LED
Light From LightPanel LED

I've done lighting tests before, but this one really made me think about lighting. When you don't have anything to compare to, your lighting looks fine. But when you see how much better it can be by adding more light, you can really see a difference.

The LitePanel is is nice because it has a dimmer switch on it, and it can be powered by plugging it in. Some of the less inexpensive LED lights can only be charged up by plugging them in.

Also posted at my Get Seen book site.

FTC: I got the LitePanel as a gift.


  1. Great tips! Can you provide a link to the light panel you're using or a suggestion?

  2. Wow, there is a huge difference. For those of us without the litepanels as gifts, what do you suggest we do about lighting? I do a lot of Skyping and I'm planning on doing a video post on my blog. I'm not vain, but do want to look presentable not like someone from Mars.

  3. Lots of lights will help. Do some experiments. You could even try a Home Depot Work Light. Maybe with a flourescent bulb.