Thursday, April 01, 2010

YouTube: Blog Publishing is Dead

iJustine iPad Booty Shakin' on YouTube!

You can no longer share videos from YouTube to your blog.

Per YouTube:
We will soon be retiring the ability to add and link to a blog from your YouTube Account.

Even though "Link to a blog" will soon be retired, you still have other options to share your YouTube Activity with external sites. You can:

Embed a video / playlist in a blog or webpage.
You can AutoShare your YouTube activity to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader.
You can see that this is gone in your YouTube settings under Blog Setup.

As noted, you can still copy and paste the embed code into your blog. The embed code can now be found via a button located under the YouTube video.

Embed Button

Embed Code

Also, you can Share selected YouTube activity to Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader.

Selected activity includes:
Like a video
Comment on a video
Subscribe to a channel
Favorite a video
Upload a video
You can either auto share, or Click the new Share button, located under the YouTube video and select which service to share to.

Share Button

Share Options


Gabemac: "Can't believe that YouTube wants to take the blog out of Vlogging."

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