Saturday, July 05, 2008

ABC Video Player - No Links

ABC Video Player - No Links, originally uploaded by stevegarfield.

Here's a screen shot of my mom on ABC News.

Here's the video of my mom in the ABC Video Player.

This is great!

There is a problem with the ABC media player though, no links.

It's hard to imagine the reason that they neglect to link the video to the original ABC World News blog post with more background information to the story AND a link to my mom's blog.

That's videoblogging, video on a blog.

I know this media player isn't actually a videoblog, but it missed the main benefit that videoblogging brought to the web, linking and permalinks.

THe other problem that this media player has is that it doesn't allow embeds. You can't embed the videos, or segments of them on your own blog.

Since 2004, we've lost site of what videoblogging is. It's not just video on the web.

Videoblogging is video on a blog, usually video presented in reverse chronological order, optionally with supporting text , links and the ability to comment.


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    It's old media covering new media. They just don't get it.

    Looks like your mom got lucky in the ABC blog post. The link to her blog is the only link in the entire story. Not even the three websites sited specifically as examples at the beginning of the second part have a link.

    Even the direct link to the video on the blog is inside a box marked "related" flanked by two other "less related" links. You'd never know that it was actually the video for the exact story.

    Looks like they did their TV show and the blog post and the (very separate) online video are just afterthoughts.

  2. Thanks for that comment...

    One other thing about the link to my mom's blog.

    They link to it as 'her own blog.'

    That's not the greatest search engine optimization technique.

    That's like linking to something with the words 'click here.'

    They should have linked to it with some descriptive text for Google.

    Maybe, 'Millie Garfield's blog', or 'My Mom's Blog.'