Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Selection of Political Videoblog Posts

Here's a selection of video blog posts I'll be showing at Northeastern University tonight where I'll be a guest lecturer for Ravi Jain's politics class.

We'll be looking at examples of citizen journalism, political videoblogs and mainstream media coverage...

Here's a video from September of 2004, 150 Feet. Probably my first citizen journalism report on Massachusetts elections and how poll workers are always standing too close to the polling place... It's illegal.

150 Feet

DNC 2004 Convention in Boston
In July of 2004, the Democratic National Convention came to town and credentialed bloggers for the first time. They did not give me credentials. So I decided to file a video report every day the convention was in town. It was very popular.

Blogger's Breakfast

Here's my third DNC video report where I covered the bloggers breakfast. Howard Dean came in and admitted that he didn't read blogs. Dave Winer comments.

Wesley Clark
Here are a couple of videos featuring Welsey Clark:

My Fourth DNC Video Blog Report - Wesley Clark speaking to the veterans.

My Fifth DNC Video Blog Report - Wesley Clark.

The interesting thing about this coverage is that it added to that of other bloggers who were reporting in text. This video enhanced their coverage.

New Hampshire primary 2008
Here's a report by The Uptake on my live video broadcast I did from the 2008 NH primary with a cellphone.

Steve Garfield, Mobile Video Journalist

Steve Garfield, Mobile Video Journalist

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