Friday, July 18, 2008

Fox 25 News at 10: A monkey, 3 inches of meat, a dog, a nude guy, and tomatoes are back

Fox 25 News at 10 in Boston just had the best sequence ever. Originally aired on July 17, 2008.

A service monkey named Richard, 'she likes her monkey', a NY man only got 3 Inches of meat in a Subway foot long sub, the other 7 inches was a knife.

The anchors can not get through this story without cracking up. They can't talk about why they find it funny though. That made it even more funny to me.

Then to top it off, they tease the news coming up at Fox 25 News at 11:00. Even more surreal:

Full frontal nude guy on public access, a dog can't go to work, and tomatoes are back, but something else is banned!


  1. I give.....what is the something else.

  2. That's the tease, you needed to tune in to find out...