Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My mom is going to be on ABC World News with Charlie Gibson tonight

Mom with a mountain of ABC camera equipment

My mom is going to be on ABC World News with Charles Gibson tonight on a segment about innovative retirement.

ABC News Shoot: My Mom, Retirement and Blogging

The program usually airs at 6:30PM on the coasts and 5:30PM Central Time, but check your local listings to be sure.

Once the segment airs, I'm going to put up a behind the scenes video of the first part of her interview over on her blog, My Mom's Blog by Thoroughly Modern Millie.

We had a great time with the ABC news crew. I showed them twitter, flickr and Qik.

Thanks to ABC News producer Anne-Marie Dorning.


  1. Since I missed the news tonight, is there a link to the package (assuming they posted it online)?

  2. You can see the package on My Mom's Blog with additional behind the scenes footage...