Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lake that looks like a Fox - iPhone, N82 and D80

I took this photo up in Banff Canada of this lake that looks like a fox with my iPhone, Nokia N82 and Nikon D80. Here are all three for comparison:

Lake that Looks Like Fox (iPhone)

The iPhone is really great for taking photos at the spur of the moment. The colors are vibrant, and when viewed ON the iPhone they look great. After posting them to flickr, you can see that some detail is lost. In this example in the mountains.

Nokia N82
Banff - Lake that looks like a Fox (N82)

The N82 is a 5 megapixel camera, and also has a nice Xenon flash which makes it great for taking photos inside where it/s dark. It finds focus pretty quickly. The image has greater detail than the iPhone, but in this image the colors might be a little washed out.

Note: The N82 found focus faster than my N95, but that could be because I haven't upgraded my firmware on the N95...

Nikon D80
Banff - Lake that looks like a Fox (D80)

The D80 has fine detail in the image with great color. It also allows for a wider angle, bringing in more of the foreground and side, for the best composed shot.

Benefits of the iPhone / N82 over the D80, is that you are connected via the cell network or WiFi and can email and/or send you photos over the internet to friends or photo sharing sites like flickr.

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  1. Just saw this on the Nokia blog:

    "N95 camera puts on a fine display
    July 7th, 2008
    Abhishta has been enjoying the Independence Day fireworks, and for the first time has been able to share them on the TechnoBlabber site, courtesy of the N95.
    Previously, he has complained that the camera on the N95 was ‘slow and unusable’ for quick shots, but since the latest firmware update he’s found it a ‘completely different beast’. Quicker to load and auto-focus, with faster image processing time, Abhishta has put to one side his digital unit, and is now using his device as his primary camera. "

    I must update...