Wednesday, July 02, 2008

How To: See Banff

We visited Banff Canada and had a great time. The sky was so clear and the water was so clean and cold. It's a great trip. Here are the highlights of our trip to Banff.

In Town


Best Restaurant - Saltlik, 221 Bear Street.

We heard the the Calamari here was hte size of a lobster, so we had to try ot. It was pretty good. We were very happy when we found out the they served Kieth's Beer on tap. You can't get it in Boston, so we enjoyed both a regular IPA and a Red.

We also ordered the ribs, which were deep fried for 30 seconds before being served. I've never had ribs like that before nad they were very good.

Best Bar - St. James's Gate, 207 Wolf Street.

One night we walked into town from our hotel for a beer at the St. James's Gate. They also had Keith's on tap. The waitress told us that people liked the Guiness Beef and Mushrooms. I ordered it. Good call. Loved it.


Columbia Icefield is two hours from Banff.

We took Brewster tours and had a great guide who has written three books about hicking the Canadian Rockies.


On the ride up from Banff we made a few stops including a stop at the lake the looks like a fox.

Columbia Icefield

Once you get to the icefield you transfer to these huge 6-wheeled ice explorers.

Columbia Icefield

They reminded me of the exporatory vehicles used on Lost in Space...

Columbia Icefield

If you bring an empty water bottle you can fill it up with pure glacier water. So cold and refreshing...

The icefield is 130 square miles and you only get to see a small portion of it.

Columbia Icefield

We took a Brewster tour.

Banff Gondola

Ths Gondola ride was a lot higher off hte ground the the one we are used to at Loon Mountain in NH.


Banff Springs Hotel

The Fairmont Banff Springs

The Waldhaus Pub is located underneath The Waldhaus Restaurant. Local beer on tap and well cooked burgers.

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  1. That looks incredible. I had to look on a map to see where it was. Never heard of Banff before...