Wednesday, July 09, 2008

FIX: iPhone camera will not save photos

Vlog Soup on iPhone

After emptying my iPhone camera roll into iPhoto, the iPhone camera refused to save any new pictures for me anymore.

What? It didn't like my composition?

So I Googled for a solution and found this one. It's over on the Apple support message boards where everyone is wondering why there isn't an official response from Apple.

That's what I'd like to know... At least poster yeagz was kind enough to test out all the solutions and post a working one:

Apple - Support - Discussions - Camera will not save pictures to phone ...:
"Streamlined instructions:

1. Make sure your phone has been synchronized in the version of iTunes you are using.
2. Restore your phone. (in itunes in the summary tab click the restore button)
3. After JUST the phone settings are restored, DO NOT restore your personal information from a back-up. It will prompt you for this, don't close this screen just hold off on it for now.
4. Simply take a photo (no need to disconnect). The photo should now appear in the camera roll, as usual.
5. NOW go back to itunes and restore your personal information from a back-up.

Simple and easy. Fixed."
This works on iPhone Software Version 1.1.4

Tested July 9, 2008 at 10:20 PM

Tip: Never delete all your photos from your camera roll on your iPhone.


  1. well then i guess i won't be emptying out my photo library on my iphone. lol

  2. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Thathappened to me a couple months ago, and I found the same directions you did. Thankfully, it hasn't happened since.

  3. Anonymous5:59 PM

    thx steve; worked great!

  4. Just 2 days ago my iPhone ( original updated to 3.0) camera suddenly stopped saving the images into the Camera Roll. I could see the little icon at bottom left corner of camera, but when I clicked to check the picture I had just taken, there was no picture. However, when I synced w/iPhoto the pictures magically appeared. Weird! Totally inconvenient too as I had been using 3 different camera apps to shoot pics and/or to import pics and alter.

    After reading the FIX post, I decided to dump the apps. I did that, shut down the iPhone for a few seconds, turned it back on, and voilĂ !! Everything works. I'm a happy camper again... except I have no camera apps... for now, but one I could do without anyway - Toy Camera = useless.

  5. If you are stuck on the Apple Logo ssh into your device, delete the patched file, rename your backupfile back to its original name and restart your phone. that worked for me...but I stil don't have tethering now...:(