Saturday, November 15, 2008

Boston City Hall: The World’s Ugliest Building

Boston City Hall, originally uploaded by stevegarfield.

Virtual Tourist: The World’s Top 10 Ugliest Buildings:
1) Boston City Hall; Boston, Massachusetts

While it was hip for it’s time, this concrete structure now gets routinely criticized for its dreary façade and incongruity with the rest of the city’s more genteel architecture. Luckily, it’s very close to more aesthetically pleasing attractions.
Boston Herald: Boston City Hall named world’s ugliest building
It’s official now. Boston City Hall is the ugliest building . . . in the world! City Hall picked one of world's ugliest buildings
Now City Hall, which opened in 1969, is getting some unflattering international attention: It heads the list of the "World's Top 10 Ugliest Buildings and Monuments" compiled by the website, which provides travel information.

It's the ugliest.

That should be the title of your story.


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