Friday, November 07, 2008

Delta Shuttle at LGA Still Requires Paper Boarding Pass

I read the Delta Blog post, Paperless Mobile Check-in Test at LaGuardia, and tried this out by loading my boarding pass onto my iPhone.

The TSA agent had NO IDEA what I was showing her, and made me print out a paper boarding pass.

This press release though, has a note about the exclusion:

Delta Partners With TSA to Launch Paperless Mobile Check-in At New York-LaGuardia | Reuters:
"Customers traveling in the U.S., checking in at LaGuardia may simply download their boarding pass to their mobile devices via and proceed directly to the airport security screening area."
Currently, Delta's mobile check-in option is limited to its main LGA
terminal. It does not include DL Shuttle Marine Air terminal.
Would have been cool if it had worked.

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