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Monday, November 10, 2008

That's Still Not Right: Boston Water and Sewer

Reposted from September 2005:
I just went to set up automatic payments over at the Boston Water and Sewer website.

Can't be done. D'oh.

Isn't it 2005?

One of the things I hate most is having to pay monthly bills by hand. It's invasive. I prefer to have everything done automatically.

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission allows you to pay your bills with CheckFree. CheckFree? Who uses that?

PayPal I could understand, but CheckFree? Please.

They want you to set up a new account with CheckFree in order to log on EACH MONTH to pay your water and sewer bill.


My electric and gas bills are deducted automatically. Can you guys get on the bandwagon here?

In the meantime I went over to my Bank of America online account to pay this current bill online.

So to do that you've got to add a payee.

Search for Boston Water and Sewer... nothing comes up.


I searched one more time and figured out that it's stored on the Bank of America site as Boston Water & Sewer. Lame.
I'm still waiting for automatic bill pay.

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