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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reinventing the News: Steve Garfield

Dan Kennedy had me visit his Northeastern University class Reinventing the News. He blogged about my visit Steve Garfield on video blogging.

He also had his students blog about it. This was very interesting to me, to be able to read blogs posts by the students, where they talked about my presentation. It's rare that you can get a glimpse of what others think about what you do.

Thanks to all the students for taking the time to write about my visit. Here are their posts:

Miller's Musings: Steve Garfield!:
He's innovative, energetic, and seemingly full of passion

Magraker: Reinventing the News: Steve Garfield
Steve Garfield is the classic example of the 21st century journalist... Like a passable singer with the ability to chose the right producers to score a number one chart-topper, Garfield picks the right technology for his work through a new medium, and so far it's a hit.

Not For Scientists: Steve Garfield in class
On Wednesday, Steve Garfield (of talked to our class about videoblogging and how it could be used for journalism. He explained how he puts together video packages and streams live over the's a video I shot, of him shooting that video:

A Writer Without A Pen: Steve Garfield
Steve Garfield, video-blogger extraordinaire, came to our Reinventing the News class on Wednesday. He has this really awesome phone/camera/video that can shoot live through Qik, which streams live online. It was something I had never even heard about before he came to talk to our class.

THE MEDIA DINOSAUR: FIGHTING EXTINCTION: Steve Garfield = Not a media dinosaur
In general, this was one of my favorite class presentations, because it really lends to the idea that sometimes the less equipment you have as a journalist the more people feel less threatened and will talk to you.

Ami's Politics:Video+blogging= a video blogger
Videoblogging is a creative, relaxed combination of blogging and broadcast journalism. Reporters have the freedom to incorporate their personality into their work and add some life to it.

BELEN BOGADO: Multimedia journalist
I think Steve Garfield’s visit was really illuminating. He’s the proof of what an entrepreneur journalist can accomplish by self promoting himself and taking full advantage of technology... Garfield is a great example of what a journalist that combines creativity, knowledge and a camera can achieve.

pats down pat: Video blogging
Garfield is obviously well-rehearsed in the different forms of video media and blogging, yet one of the sources of his success was, as he put it, as simple as filming himself and Carol talking about the debate in their room. The show, especially juxtaposed with his Qik demonstration, showed a wide spectrum of results that can come out of experimenting with video journalism and blogging.

The video-blogger Steve Garfield has a quaint style that probably differences him from other video-bloggers and citizen journalists. His videos are fun. Some may be news worthy, like the interviews he made for Rocketboom in the car fair.

another pixelated window:"Hi I'm Steve Garfield from"!
I really like what Steve is doing by supplying obscure news like this to his audience. He is leading the way in video journalism and doing it with no professional sound equipment, camera, or even a studio. His only tools are his cellphone and laptop, very modern, very cool.
Note: I've also got the professional equipment, i just didn't bring that along to class.

JESS VOLPE: Reinventing the News:Steve Garfield
Being someone that is new to the world of blogging and video blogging I thought that Steve Garfield's presentation was very informative to me. I was unaware of the websites that you could upload videos to and that you could upload videos directly from your phone to a website. During class Steve uploaded a video of our class directly from his Nokia cell phone to and we were able to immediately watch it on the website.

lollipops & crisps: videotape
Garfield showed us the power of live-streaming by taking a video of our class, which appeared on Qik shortly thereafter. He reintroduced us to the power of CNN's iReport and stressed the importance of self-advertisement, encouraging students in the film to plug their own blogs and, eventually, purchase domain names similar to their own. By the end of the presentation, I'm pretty sure we were all jealous of his cell phone.

Steve Garfield's vlogs are high on entertainment value and fit his personality.

However, his vlogs aren't simply for entertainment value. They are also designed to educate, like a recent video on the cost to file an absentee ballot, or to break news, such as when he interviews Duncan Hunter.

Of course, he excels in the weird, such as this coverage of the Boston Typewriter Orchestra.

BLOG AGAINST THE MACHINE: BOSTON - Steve Garfield: The man with a fancy phone that serves as a live news crew:
Garfield is renowned throughout the country for his ability to capture news footage without making a big production out of it. It's a one man band for Garfield as he takes advantage of Internet journalism tools: Twitter, Flickr, Myspace, Facebook.