Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mad Men: Fake Don Draper on Twitter Revealed

Following Don Draper on Twitter

[ paul isakson ]: Confessions Of A (Fake) Mad Man:
"I'm the person responsible for the tweets of @don_draper, and thus kicking off that whole crazy adventure.

It basically started out as a research project of sorts for a thought I had about being able to extend a character from a TV show into social media in a real way and in doing so, having people connect to that character and the show in even more meaningful ways.

The goal was to just get enough evidence either way (to show that it was true or not true) and get out. Regardless of the outcome, I wanted to create a presentation on the experience and offer to turn over the account to AMC when I was done. But then the AMC shutdown happened, I made real connections with some of the people behind other characters, and it got a little too interesting to walk away from so quickly."

Just like how Flash Mobs got started.


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