Sunday, November 30, 2008

Experiences with my Dunkin' Donuts Barack Obama card

Dunkin' Donuts Custom Barack Obama Card

Just used the revised customised Dunkin' Donuts Barack Obama card (bottom).

The clerk said: "Wow! That is SO cool! You should think about telling Dunkin' Donuts about that."

Me: "You can make them on the Dunkin' Donuts website."



  1. haha, reminds me when I went to the Starbucks out here and had to tell them how the Starbucks Gold Card worked...

    But yours take the cake haha.

  2. This week it happened again. This time the clerk said:

    "Wow! HEy everybody look at this card! It's so cool."

    Then a customer standing next to me asked where they could get one.