Sunday, November 23, 2008

My feedback on BBC NEWS Have Your Say

BBC: Qik Videos from the US: the debate

BBC NEWS | Have Your Say wanted feedback on the experience of submitting election videos to them.

I commented over on the Qik site. Here's what I shared:
Thanks to BBC for featuring my videos during the election.

It's a great idea and I appreciate all the work that went into it.

The BBC is way ahead of local media outlets in Boston. Hopefully one day soon, local TV stations will see the value in viewer contributions to the extent that the BBC has.

Things I would have liked to see from the BBC, and any other media outlet that highlights user video:
1. A link back on the web page to the original Qik Video

2. A link back to the creator's website with name mentioned.

3. An email from the BBC alerting the video creator that the video was selected to be shown on the BBC site

4. The BBC should download the high quality mp4 file and edit that onto their web page instead of shooting a video of the screen.

5. A personal connection between the BBC and the video submitter. It's a good chance to form relationships.
Thanks, --Steve

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  1. Over on the BBC site they credit contributors:

    Your videos: Early voting in the US.


    Now the just need links to the videos and contributors web pages.