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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Camera. One of my Oh Wow! Highlight products of #SXSW

"What the heck is that?!"

This story starts with meeting Chris Voss at the SXSW AMD party. He had the Samsung Galaxy Camera on a nice rig for shooting video. I'd never seen the camera before, so I asked him about it and he let me take a look.

With @chrisvoss

With @chrisvoss

Next I met Calvin Lee at the Chevy Allhat party. Thanks to Richard Binhammer & David Armano for hosting.

Chevy handled the sponsorship in a really great way, they got up to the microphone and said: "Hi everybody. We're Chevy and sponsoring this event, just wanted to say that we hope everybody has a great time."

I cheered that. When you're at SXSW, and, brands are just bombarding you with requests to pay attention, Chevy understands that by just being there, and available, is the best way to make a good impression. They also had a presence by placing their cars in front to the convention center each day, and by offering people free rides. I ended up having a nice chat with a few Chevy representatives.

But back to my Samsung story.

With @mahematusios Calvin Lee
Image: Calvin Lee and Me. Oops! Jeff Cutler - photo bomber.

The event was a fundraiser for the Horse Boy Foundation. It's mission is to bring the healing effects of horses, nature and supportive community to autism families free of charge.

Image: Horse.

After getting back from the Allhat party, a few of us went to the Tuner Lounge.

Once there, Calvin mentioned that there was free Wi-Fi. I didn't care. Why did any of us need free Wi-Fi no one had their laptops with them.

Then, tell them to go to his galaxy camera and started showing us his Allhat pictures.

He asked, is this a good want to share?

I looked over, and saw that she had Instagram on his camera. That's when I said, "What the heck is that?!"

He told me that the Samsung Galaxy camera is an Android device and can run Instagram. He then chose a filter and at that point I was in a state of disbelief. It got better when he chose to share the photo on twitter.

THAT's why he needed WiFi.

Instagram on Samsung Galaxy camera, Upload via WiFi. See it at @mayhemstudios #turnerlounge #sxsw

Image: Calvin's photo on Instagram

Note also that this camera is going to take much better photos than a smartphone, and thus make your photos standout on the Instagram photo stream.

What? That's Instagram on a Camera!

Samsung at SXSW

Samsung Galaxy Camera. One of my Oh Wow! Highlight products of #sxsw Seriously.

I am looking forward to getting one of these Samsung Galaxy Cameras to put through it's paces for both photo and video.

Samsung did a great job of getting seen at SXSW via social media influencers.

On Amazon:

Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 8GB White, Android OS, v4.1 (Jelly Bean) 3G Unlocked HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 by Samsung from New Generation Products Affiliate Link


  1. I like the photo of the three of us.

  2. Great meeting you Steve! The Rig is a diffcase and mic is MicW for those who want to buy it. Good stuff.

    1. Whoops - MICw here