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Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Lucia from New York in Austin at #SXSW

Multiple Vines on the same page uses up computer processors, so I removed 10 from this page. I left two, and compiled them into a YouTube video below.

Still in Austin?

Go see them:

Fri 3/15 - 1:45pm: Filter/Columbia Party @ Cedar St. Courtyard (with Haim, The Neighbourhood, MS MR, Wild Belle)

Fri 3/15 - 12:20am: Neon Gold Showcase @ Empire Auto (with Haim, Haerts, Sir Sly, Ghost Beach)


St. Lucia on Twitter

St. Lucia at Soundcloud

St. Lucia at Facebook

Image: St. Lucia at Hilton Inn Austin, TX


Figured out how to edit Vines together on a Mac.

- Right Click on Video, Choose Save As. (Thanks Jesse Luna for this tip)

Note: Use a numerical numbering system with the first video 1.mp4, then 2.mp4, etc.

- In the Finder, select all the videos, and open with MPEG Steamclip.
- Save as MP4 in BEST QUALITY.
- Post to YouTube

Here's all 12 videos combined on YouTube:

Interview in a car:

This too:

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