Saturday, January 10, 2004

AOL Blinks

AOL is offering a new lower priced Netscape branded service to people who call and ask.
In order to cancel AOL, she has to call the company. At that point, the phone representative offers to switch her to the new low-priced service. Why should she go through the trouble of signing up with a new ISP when she can just get her bill cut by more than half right then and there?
It's not that easy or straight forward.

First AOL tries to get you to switch to two other plans that are higher priced than $9.95.

Then after they finish their telemarketing steps 1 -27, they finally tell you about the $9.95 plan, but you have to download and install Netscape software, sign in with a newly assigned username, choose an email address, and change your password.

So it's not that easy.

AOL should make this transition a lot easier.

They should just give members, who want the lower priced access, limited access to AOL, allow them to keep their AOL software, username and password, and email address.

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