Thursday, January 29, 2004

TiVo's most-recorded American Idols of the week

TiVo's most-recorded shows of the week.
1 American Idol (Monday) Fox 24.0%

2 American Idol (Tuesday) Fox 23.7%

3 American Idol (Wednesday) Fox 21.1%

4 The Apprentice NBC 19.5%

5 Obnoxious Fiance Fox 16.4%

6 Will & Grace NBC 15.4%

7 Scrubs NBC 12.1%

8 Friends NBC 12.0%

9 Alias ABC 11.9%

10 The O.C. Fox 11.1%
Shows I watched are in bold.
via [ Lost Remote ]

While recording The Bachelorette last night I got a change to see rerun of yesterday's a America's Next Top Model. I love that little Twiggy girl who cries and faints all the time.

I have a question for Merideth. Why did you need an extra rose last night, to keep that guy who won't shut up? Please.

Why all the indecision?

Show over. Ian is the guy. Obvs. It's a wrap. Strike the set.

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